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Happy Cat Coffee is all about providing freshly roasted and good tasting coffee at a reasonable price. One of our goals is to share a variety of freshly roasted coffee (whole beans) that normally you may not see at the super market. Also, by sharing freshly roasted coffee, we want you to experience the coffee notes (music notes?) from freshly roasted beans, just like freshly prepared food and we hope that it will make you feel like one happy cat. We sell whole beans so you can immerse yourself in the coffee experience and/or ritual by grinding it right before making your coffee. If you're searching for a grinder or any coffee equipment, visit our Coffee Pantry page.

For more information on roasting schedule, please visit Roasting schedule.

Another goal is also to ship roasted coffee within 24-48 hours off the roaster. 

The inspiration for Happy Cat comes from our cats Cherry, Watson & beloveds Sandee & Josey (who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge!). Drink Good Coffee & Read Good Books! For more about Cats, please see My Happy Cats

Have more questions? Feel free to email us at Happy Cat Support.